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Beigang Head of Waterways Culture Park

Beigang Head of Waterways Culture Park detail


The Water Treatment Company was once named by Japanese the “Head of Waterways”. it had one of the most comprehensive design at the time, with water extracting wells, sedimentation, filtration, disinfection and other facilities. Treated water was pumped into the water tower and supplied each household, which was once known as the “Waterway Water”. The plant was deactivated in 1997, after providing drinking water for the Beigang residents for more than 60 years. Important buildings within the water treatment plant include: water tower and office area. There are 3 levels to the water tower, the top level is a cylinder with reinforced concrete water storage and maintenance fence. The middle and lower level are both decagon structure with a semi-circle window on each side. These areas are used as office spaces, conference rooms and maintenance area. There are other facilities including generator room, water extractor, large water storage, timber office area, staff dormitory, old trees and bird habitats. It is conveniently located by the end of Beigang Street and the bank of Beigang River. With the plantation established in the surrounding areas, it is now a perfect spot to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. A destination worth including in the Beigang cultural tour.
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