Traveling in Yunlin

Taiping Street

Taiping Street detail


Taiping Street is 600 meters long. What sets it apart from other "old streets" of Taiwan is that it is totally in the style of the Japanese occupation era. Taiping Street has buildings from the Meiji, Taisho and Showa eras. Most buildings are in the Baroque style and all are 2 stories or higher. The first two stories in every building are adorned and decorated with carving, such as patterns of dragon and phoenix. Household names are emblazoned with European-style coat of arms with floral arrangements decorating the facades. A majority of the buildings are built from Cingshuei bricks with stucco fixed with pebbles for decoration. The building located at No. 91, Taiping Road stands out among the others. It now sells modern wares, but its nameplate is in the old style. A pair of old style lions guard the door and there are Japanese-style children for good luck, reflecting the immigrant culture of Taiwan.

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