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Originally a landscaping engineering company, the Miduoli opened its landscaped garden for more people to come and enjoy a good resting and dining place. The garden is decorated with winding trails, flowers, grass, potted plants, over 100 plants, landscapes as well as safety recreational facilities to allow children to play around.

Miduoli has combined exotic cuisine, garden landscaping and European style cabins in its garden restaurant. The high ceilinged white cabin has a floor to ceiling window to let in the sunshine and beautiful scenery. In addition, soft music fills the air to create a cozy and exotic atmosphere which attracts many to come here for gathering, chatting and afternoon tea.

Anyone visiting Miduoli must not miss the low priced and generous servings of exotic dishes including Korean grilled chicken with overcooked rice, Thai-style lemongrass chicken and seafood and Sicilian seafood….etc. Pay a visit here, to see it and believe it.

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