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Located in the traditional western market of Douliu city, Deng Qiu Zhen established the Deng Yi (Deng) Ji Meatballs in 1970 which is famous for its meatballs with thin and chewy skin and fresh meat and bamboo shoots. As Deng Yi is pronounced in a way that is similar to Deng, the owner thus registered Deng Yi (Deng) as his trademark. This is because the last name cannot be used to register a trademark, therefore one must use the name with a similar pronunciation. There are several flavors of fried meatballs to select from, including original, garlic and spicy. The skin is tender and chewy after the meatball is deep fried. The fillings contain preserved shredded bamboo shoots together with shredded meat to make it juicy and sweet. One of the best things here is the house sauce which has sweet and salty flavors bringing out a different heavenly taste with each meatball – something to make your day.
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